Noah Dyer tries to take down an opponent at a past Wrestle for a Cure event.

PIGEON FORGE — When Pigeon Forge takes the wrestling mat on Thursday night, they will be wrestling for more than just themselves or even their school.

They will be hosting their Wrestle for a Cure night at Pigeon Forge High School at 6 p.m, and the nationwide pin cancer movement is something that head coach Greg Foreman is happy that his program is able to be a part of.

Joining them for the good cause will be Alcoa, Morristown East, Farragut, and Hardin Valley. Proceeds from the night will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“Probably five or six years ago we started doing a theme for each of our home events, Foreman said. “We have had an alumni night, one for food ministries in Sevier County and different things like that. We were doing a pink out several years ago. Part of the proceeds from the concessions and admissions went back to breast cancer research.”

“There has been a nationwide push in the last two or three years with pin for cancer. It is tied in with St. Jude so instead of the focus being strictly with breast cancer, it is more tied in with St. Jude for cancer research.”

Since wrestling doesn’t get as many opportunities to compete at home each year, Foreman thinks it is important to make the four or five times a year they compete at home a big deal.

On Thursday, the Tigers and other teams involved will get to see firsthand what their participation in this event can do for real people.

Audrey and Lynn Stanger will be there as guest speakers, and Audrey, who is from Tennessee, is now a teenager that beat cancer as an 8 year old thanks to the help of St. Jude.

Foreman is thankful that they will get to see how St. Jude has made a real life impact on people like Audrey.

“I always have lived by the motto that what goes around comes around,” he said.

“If you are blessed with god given talent to go out here and wrestle and do all of the things that you can, then it makes sense to give back what you can — give back and feel good about what you are doing.”

The event will be live streamed on the Pigeon Forge High School YouTube channel since all sports are currently limited to parents only due to COVID-19 restrictions.