May the fourth be with you.

I know this is the sports section and all, but since I am writing this on the fourth day of May which is considered Star Wars day, I would be remiss if I didn’t wish you guys a good one.

There have been a lot going on in the sports world and pop culture, two things I follow closely. Since this is the sports section (as previously stated) I won’t go into the other, but I have been kicking around the idea of adding in a column or writing about some pop culture stuff elsewhere in the paper.

I mean I watched The Batman recently and I am itching to expound upon my thought about it.

Anyway, for lack of a better topic today let’s talk a little about basketball.

Some interesting things are happening.

I wrote a story about this recently, but I want to expand upon it a little more.

The surprise announcement by Kingston about the hiring of veteran Coach Joe Layne was astounding.

It was a big move that to me states the Yellow Jackets aren’t going to wait around, they want that young group of kids on the team to win sooner rather than later and I think Coach Layne is the one to help them achieve that.

I really want to talk about the NBA though.

The playoffs are into the second round with some interesting match-ups still there.

Honestly, though, the biggest thing I find intriguing is the fact the majority of the big time long established stars are gone.

Some, like Lebron James, never even made it out of the regular season. Others like Kevin Durant and the New Jersey Nets were embarrassed.

At any rate, I think we are starting to see the youngsters start to come into their own as players.

You’ve got guys like Ja Morant and Jayson Tatum putting in work along with their teammates.

Personally, I may be wrong and most likely something will happen down the stretch to prove this, I am happy to see these new guys starting to move in and take control.

I’m tired of reading or watching Lebron, Durant, James Harden and a whole lot more of these guys.

I think every one of these players have put on a persona where they’re primadonnas and are the be all and end all.

Somewhere down the line, it seems they’ve forgotten that they are being paid big money to play kid’s game.

Most all of them seem angry or petulant most of the time, whether it’s on the court, in public or in social media.

I get it, I understand.

They’re human. They have feelings and emotions too. Also though, they are a public figure that many idolize and follow.

When someone like Kyrie Irving goes onto the court and gives the finger to the fans who paid to watch the game, I wonder if that is a good idea.

I actually find it a no class move. I understand there isn’t any love lost for Iriving and the Boston fans. I get that.

I just wonder if he should show some constraint, be a professional and play the game.

What if many more of his peers did that in basketball and probably in a lot of other sports.

If Irving had showed some restraint along with Durant and Harden being so petulant along with Ben Simmons sitting out the series, choosing to stay home and play video game, if some of that had happened then maybe the Nets would have advanced past the Celtics.

Maybe, no way to know for sure.