“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” But sometimes adversaries shove and friends nudge less-foolish folk to take a stand on controversial issues. So, this week, with a nudge from a friend and regular reader of this column, I grapple with the issue of “Christian nationalism.”

This friend and I often disagree cordially even as we occasionally urge one another to see the world through our preferred knotholes. Hence, he recently inquired if I ever read Imprimis, a monthly publication of Michigan’s strongly conservative Hillsdale College and mouthpiece of self-proclaimed Christian nationalists. I reminded him that I am an unlikely candidate for conversion yet not adverse to consideration of “suspect” ideas. Thus, I agreed to read several back issues of the publication that are particularly relevant to Tennessee.

Mark Banker is a retired teacher and active historian. He can be reached at mtbanker1951@gmail.com.