Gentle reader, when I heard the first reports of the floods, and resulting damage to the water system, in Mississippi’s capital city, it occurred to me that of all fifty state capitals this one came close to being one that I have never been in, like Juneau, Alaska. But in fact I did once intend to spend the night there and tour their capital the next day, but, for once, I could find no room in Jackson that night, inasmuch as the legislature was in session and members, lobbyists, constituents, reporters, observers and general hangers-on occupied every hotel and motel room in Jackson.

However, with my usual good luck in getting overnight accommodations, (if you will recall, I have previously written of my adventures in this regard Washington, D.C., Naples, Florida, and Charleston, South Carolina) the clerk at the large new Bill Will Motel told me that they were still operating the old original motel up the highway in Canton, and that there would be a bed up there, although possibly not up to my standards. I assured him that if there was a bed, plumbing and no bedbugs, I would be happy. On hearing this, he thought I would be satisfied and I was. But the result of all this was that my stay in, and thus my experience of Jackson, was less than an hour.

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