Gentle readers, those of you who are long-time readers and followers of the old curmudgeon’s writings will recall that he left the office of County Executive on 1 September, 1982. The following March he went to Australia in connexion with the Clymersville cases against the Horsehead company and thereafter his calendar was much freer than it had been for the preceding five or six years. Being thus freed, by September of 1983, he decided to try the remedy he had learned of to fight the allergy attack from the ragweed pollen, which occurs every autumn, especially bad every September.

This remedy was to avoid the pollen by going somewhere without ragweed. I had tried this by going to South Florida a few years earlier, but although without ragweed, South Florida has enough of a mosquito infestation, in the autumn at least, to put ragweed no better than second place in seriousness of afflictions.

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