Gentle reader, while we were on hiatus we learned of an interesting matter, thanks to the reporting of Damon Lawrence in the issue of this paper for 21 December. It seems that the City of Oak Ridge continues with its years-old attempt to establish its own airport. Among other suggested sites, you may remember how a few years ago the city fathers were all gung-ho for putting this aerodrome atop the ridge near Y-12. That scheme, like other proposals, did not prove feasible. A similar fate may well prove unavoidable this time also, unless two obstacles can be removed or overcome, according to a letter the City Manager, Mark Weston, has sent to our County Executive, Wade Creswell, seeking his aid and assistance. The Executive has wisely refrained from providing the sought aid and assistance, unless instructed otherwise by his Commission. It is hoped that the Commission will support the Executive in this position.

Our younger readers may not be aware of the fact that over the years, there have been numerous efforts made to establish an airport in this county with limited success. First, there was the Lyles airfield east of Harriman; then the one between Post Oak and Cardiff, adjacent to the Roane State campus. South of the River is the site of Meadowlake, where the late Shelby Isham mastered the skills required to become an examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration. And then there was Fowler Field, named in honour of our chairman of the Tennessee Public Service Commission, Hammond Fowler, Rockwood lawyer, banker and newspaper publisher.

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