A population paralyzed with fear is easily controlled! We have been troubled and frightened over the effects of Hurricane IAN — the damage and loss of lives — and the effects of the anti-Bible abusers of government in America who are empowering Satan and his “agents” to destroy us.

But we must remember the Word: If we obey God by keeping Him first in our hearts, He will cast all our enemies from before us! We must remember that God will see us through IF we stay strong in our faith IN GOD — not government! Not only are we concerned over the hurricane, but the leadership in Washington is absolutely disconnected to the original purpose of America and our true source — God Almighty! Many Christians avoid getting into politics and government, thinking that God would not be pleased, when, in truth, God IS government. If we read Isaiah 33:22, we will understand that God is our Lawgiver, our Judge, and our Ruler over the earth, all governmental terms.

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