Midway Elementary's Students of the month

Midway Elementary School announced their first students of the month for the school year. September represents students who have “COURAGE.” These students may have been picked because of their bravery, because they’ve made good choices, because they’ve faced difficulties or they may have stood up for something. The students are Kaydence Hall, Layla McCarty, Habakkuk Perez, Tilly Narramore, Aubrie Lyons, Timberlee Kamps, Presley Powers, Emma Kirkland, Hayden Humphreys, Shane Stair, Matty Clipner, Aubree Smith, Ryan Ellis, Kaylee Griffith, Annie Rhea, Baylee Bacon, Jace Webb, Memphis Moore, Cooper Krzepina, Thomas Huck and Sam Kraft.

Midway Elementary’s students of the month