The Old Harriman Hospital held its first major event as a public paranormal attraction on Saturday, with over 50 attendees. The event lasted from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. and was accompanied by paranormal author J.B. Coates joining in on the supernatural showcase and promoting some of her books.

On the first floor, attendees were ushered in to an operating room, and asked to create a medical scene, with the idea that any spirits in the area would be stirred into action from seeing the familiar action, even if the scene was mostly played up for laughs. The scene playing out involved a man with an overly large kidney stone being operated on by a drunken doctor and a nurse abusing medication.

Next, the attendees gathered near what was once a room used to temporarily store bodies, and asked various questions such as James bailey who asked “How did you die?” In a neighboring room was a guest holding a spirit box (a device that cycles radio signals) and wearing headphones and repeating out replies heard. Among the spirits to reply seemed to be a former World War 1 soldier who died from severe burns as questions were sometimes answered with surprising specificity.

In another hallway, guests used various tools of the trade such as cat toys that light up when moved or a laser grid projector, all with the goal of catching a spirit in movement.

David Vannasdale of the Harriman Industrial Board came to the event prepared with his own spirit sleuthing equipment including infrared goggles, sound recorders, electromagnetic field detectors and more. David Vannasdale and his associate James Bailey have a podcast called Blackstar Paranormal where they were planning on discussing the hospital.

Similar activities were carried out throughout the hospital’s halls and examination rooms up until midnight.