Bowman Brothers

Jack, Tom, and Sanders Bowman. The Bowman Brothers are among the oldest business owners in Roane County, having taken over their father’s business, originally known as Roane Lumber Company. Together, they have over 100 years of business experience.

Spring is in the air and mowers are on the grass. And those with the need to keep a tidy lawn may want to head over to 521 N Front St. in Rockwood and visit SL Bowman and Sons, a family owned lawn mower store in operation since 1989.

SL Bowman started as Roane Lumber Company, founded in 1941, and functioned until burning down in 1951. The company then reformed into SL Bowman and Sons and functioned as house movers for a time. “We’ve moved houses, we’ve been in the trucking business, we’ve sold lawn mowers, our dad was in the lumber business, we’ve cut some timber,” said Sanders Bowman. “We’re all brothers and from Roane County,” said Tom Bowman.