Cornstalk Heights’ owner RJ Foster is ready for another double dose of fright nights for Halloween 2022, with an expanded Serenity Manor Yard Haunt event taking place on two nights, Oct. 27 and Oct. 31 from 4 — 6 p.m. RJ Foster has a special effects background, and each year he turns his yard into a local Haunted House attraction inspired by the likes of the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World.

The Yard Haunt is also a means of bringing in those who wish to donate to good causes, as a donation drive basket sits in front of the house during the event and stays until the end of the month. “Last year, our food donations that we take in for our canned food, non-perishable food, and baby food drive brought in over 1,200 cans of food to the local food pantries here and help our people locally,” said Foster. “We use Trenton Baptist Church specifically because with Trenton you have to show ID that you live in Roane County, that way we help people locally.”