So, I love horror movies but lately I find myself bored of the endless hordes of jumpscare-loaded PG-13 Diet Scary guff that passes for horror these days. I heard of a movie called Annihilation back in 2018 that sounded up my alley, a big super high-concept horror film, but when the film bombed at the box office, I was deterred a bit.

But not long ago, I found out that the reason for the film’s poor box office performance had less to do with the film’s quality and more to do with several other factors such as the film’s downer tone and absolutely horrendous release timing trying to compete with Black Panther of all things for ticket sales. There was no way this film was going to come out unscathed, but then a terrible deal with Netflix resulted in the film seeing streaming within 17 days of its theatrical debut; while it was still in theaters!