Windrock Park will open its Jeep event series with its annual 2-day Tennessee Mountains Jeep Jamboree this week, May 5-7.

Jeep owners across the country will make their way to East Tennessee to participate in this off-road adventure at this one-of-a-kind trail destination. Windrock Park is the largest privately-owned off-highway vehicle (OHV) park in the United States with trails spanning over 72,000 acres. This alone makes it one of the biggest tourist attractions in the East Tennessee region.

Jeep Jamboree veterans and first timers will enjoy scenic gravel roads, boulders, ruts and mud as they challenge gravity. Those familiar with off-roading events can expect a top-of-the-line OHV event with the inclusion of Windrock’s the three Badge of Honor trails.

Tow points and GMRS radios are required to participate. Likewise, participants with tires over 40” will be turned away at vehicle evaluation with no refund.

For more information on Jeep Jamboree USA, please visit Windrock’s website.

About Windrock Park

Windrock Park is 73,000 acres of off-road excitement located in Oliver Springs. The trails accommodate all types of vehicles from ATVs, SxSs, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, Jeeps/4x4s, buggies and trucks. It is the LARGEST privately owned riding area in the country. Windrock offers a variety of amenities including more than 300 miles of trail riding, camping and events. Windrock Park also has a variety of additional offerings in addition to being your premier off-road adventure park! Interested parties can also purchase the use of the parkfor commercials, photoshoots, weddings and foot races.