Property Transfers

District 13

• Susan Price Miller (trustee), Margaret Ruth Spencer (trustee), Mary Elizabeth Spencer McQuie, Sarah Price Spencer, Rebecca Spencer Luckert, Susan Price Miller, Ida Price Trisolini, Catherine Elizabeth Angel, Charles Anthony Price and Harry B. Price Homeplace Land Preservation to Barbara Ann Mooney and Charles Anthony Price, Harry B. Price Property, Lot 1, $205,000.

• Tatiana Tikhonova and Taras Golets to Kristina Babenko, Silver Mine Hollow No. 2, Lot 5, $320,000.

• 141 White Oak LLC to NG Shiow, White Oak Lodge and Resort, Lot 9, $442,000.

• Brently Ralph Ogle and Angela Kay Ogle to Smoky Cabins LLC, Whispering Oaks, Lot 3, $271,250.

• Eric J. Hamby and Teri Lee Hamby to Debra L. LaPointe, Catons Chapel Estates, Lots 23-24, $235,000.

• Gary Sisco to Martin Mikovic and Anna Psarova, Hazelwood, Lot 11-C, $12,900.

• Tonya Renee Hansen to Smoky Cabins LLC, Whispering Oaks, Lot 1, $271,250.

• Tonya Renee Hansen to Smoky Cabins LLC, Whispering Oaks, Lot 4, $271,250.

• Brently Ralph Ogle and Angela Kay Ogle to Smoky Cabins LLC, Whispering Oaks, Lot 2, $271,250.

District 14

• Kenneth Daniels to Elayne B. Smith, Eagle Springs, Lot 145, $50,000.

• Gregg Curtis and Rebecca S. Curtis to Richard F. Plumb and Nola K. Plumb, Vista at Hodges Bend, Lot 42, Phase 1, $299,900.

• William L. Moore and Melissa G. Moore to Shane Stephens and Jennifer Nicole Stephens, Vista at Hodges Bend, Lot 49, Phase 1, $245,000.

• Daniel F. Johnson and Christine L. Johnson to Michael Stephen Smith and Shirley Ann Smith, Cool Springs, Lot 71, $60,750.

District 15

• Kevin Ward to Mario Valenti and Mary Jane Valenti, Timberlake Bay, Lot 19, $120,000.

• Keith Romer to Donald Dewayne Beard and Sophath Renee Beard, Douglas Lake Resort, Lot 72, $349,900.

• Dana R. Garrison (IND and AIF), Brent K. Garrison, Joan M. Garrison (IND and AIF) and Nancy J. Garrison to Leah Drew Stalcup, Steven Dustin Dodgen and Chamloft LLC, Holiday Shores, Lot 33, $345,000.

• Robert Mueller and Diane Mueller to Linda Ann Cocciardi to CD Pugdog Properties LLC, Douglas Lake Resort, Lot 82, $432,680.

• Jackie Gail Thurman, Jack D. Thurman, Thurman Family Trust and Shirley L. Thurman (AIF and trustee) to Douglas K. Swaggerty and Helen Swaggerty, J.E. Flynn Estates, Lots 17R, 18R and 19R-1, $1,672,500.

District 16

• William H. Sewell and Wynelle S. Sewell to Maria Lourdes Grace Blanco, Covered Bridge Resort, Lot 49, $625,000.

• Glendon LLC to Vishal Ruparela, Black Bear Ridge, Lot 96R, Unit 2, Phase 2, $1,580,000.

• Joan L. Mielniczuk and Dennis P. Mielniczuk (deceased) to Ronald Robert Parlamento and Pamela K. Parlamento, Walnut Grove, Lot 14, $354,900.

• Star Chase Holdings LLC to Joe E. Dodgen, Mary F. Dodgen, Jeff Dodgen and Traci C. Dodgen, Bluff Mountain Acres, Lot 83, Phase 2, $90,000.

• Joe E. Dodgen (IND and AIF), Mary F. Dodgen, Jeff Dodgen and Traci C. Dodgen to Star Chase Holdings LLC, Bluff Mountain Acres, Lot 136, Phase 2, $90,000.

• Grace Contractors LLC to Vasken Kuyumjian and Hanan A. Dergham, Black Bear Ridge Resort, Lot 190R, Phase 2, $1,582,500.

• Steven P. Schrock and Bobbie D. Schrock to Mark Hamilton and Michelle Hamilton, Shinlever Property, Lot 1, $785,000.

• Kenny Hayes and Tommy L. White to Cindy L. Wallace, Summit on Bluff Mountain, Lot 180, Phase 3, $190,000.

• S&S Cabins LLC to Sanaa Tasha Dergham-Dugan, Bear Creek Crossing, Lot 74, Phase 8, $939,000.

• Patrick Joseph Strizzi and Kathleen Strizzi to Brad Alexander Kerr, Bear Creek Crossing, Lot 117, Phase 8, $592,900.

• Ian Defeo and Todd Waroway, Shagbark Lot 4, $60,000.

• Frank Aguiar (IND and AIF) and Vivian Aguiar to Stephanie Figueros and Robert Allen Myers, Pinehaven No. 2, Lot 204, $600,000.

District 17

• Carol H. Gusler to William Robert Goswick and Jimmie C. Goswick, Outdoor Resorts at Gatlinburg, Lot 124, $60,000.

• John Frye to Joshua J. Enos, Outdoor Resorts at Gatlinburg, Lot 88, $34,000.

• Neal Garrison and Vicki S. Garrison to Trudith D. Cantrell and Danny Cantrell, Outdoor Resorts at Gatlinburg, Lot 189, $60,000.

• Anthony C. Martin to Travis Seth Kniep, Cobbly Nob, Lot 5, $630,000.

• Chris E. Ford to Landcorp of Illinois Inc., Cobbly Nob, Lot 89, $7,7777.