Veteran outraged by troop vetting

As an American Citizen, Tennessean, veteran and chairman of the Constitutional Conservatives, I make the following statements: I am outraged by the despicable words of Rep. Steve Cohen regarding the National Guard troops who have been deployed to our Nation’s Capitol.

I am equally outraged by the Commander of those troops who has implemented the vetting of those service men and women.

Speaker Pelosi has an obligation to the American people, particularly to our military (both active duty and inactive), to reprimand Rep. Cohen for his inflammatory statement.

Therefore, I demand that the U.S. House of Representatives censure Rep. Cohen for his incendiary remarks. I also implore Commander in Chief Trump and Commander in Chief-Elect Biden to reprimand the Commander of those troops and order him to make a public apology to them for his actions.

Sonny Coane