My wife was looking for something to read and came across “If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat” by John Ortberg. I told her I enjoyed that book. To boost it even more I said John Ortberg is the favorite author of one of our sons.

Phil Roe, U.S. Representative from Tennessee, wrote in an article distributed this week, “… for months Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi has refused to hold votes on bipartisan coronavirus relief legislation. Instead, she has repeatedly put forward partisan legislation that has no chance of becoming law.”

I really hate to break this to all our young voters, but the current election cycle is not the most important one in our history. We are in no greater existential national crisis today than we were in the years immediately after the Declaration of Independence was signed. Or around 1812. Or …

Pastor Harley Swiggum wrote a Bible study series for Bethel Lutheran Church of Madison, Wisconsin. Its impact grew beyond that parish.

The U.S. Census is taking place, and as of now, Sevier County has one of the worst response rates in the state. While you may not believe your participation matters, I can tell you it does. It pays to be counted.

In 1984, I lived in the Socialist Republic of Romania, under the totalitarian regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu. I was 10 and in fifth grade. My daughter is 10 and in fifth grade this year, so this is an interesting memory for me.