In the early 1800s, the community that became known as Pine Grove began to take form. Families migrating from Virginia, Pennsylvania, and other eastern states looking for available land on which to settle were attracted to the fertile river valley just north of Fort Wear. In the 1780s, Col Samuel Wear, a Revolutionary War soldier from Virginia, built a fort at the confluence of the West Prong of the Little Pigeon River and Walden’s Creek and laid claim to approximately 1000 acres.

In 1808, the State of Tennessee began issuing land grants to settlers along the river. Among the first to arrive was John Mullendore who received a land grant for 450 acres and Flayl Nichols for 331 acres. Others followed with surnames that included Henderson, Montgomery, Rambo, Runyan, Seaton, Andes, Hatcher, Hounshell Sharp, Seaton, and several more.