SEVIERVILLE — The woman who allegedly fatally shot one person and fired into a car outside Soaky Mountain Waterpark last summer is now facing first-degree murder and additional charges of reckless endangerment after a Sevier County grand jury reviewed the case.

Thirty-one-year-old Sarah Romine has been in the Sevier County Jail since the July 31 incident.

Sevierville Police initially charged her with second-degree murder for the death of Kelsy Cook, saying Romine shot Cook during a confrontation outside the waterpark.

The grand jury also added more charges of reckless endangerment, based on the children who were inside a van when Romine shot into the hood of the vehicle.

According to testimony in Sevier County General Sessions Court, Romine and her boyfriend Josh Daniels met Cook inside the park. Cook was there with family and friends, and the couple was with them for several hours in the park.

Some of Cook’s party began speaking to Romine and Daniels at a bar inside the waterpark.

One member of the party, Jeff Dixon, had allegedly argued with the couple and left without saying where he was going.

Daniels and Romine later helped to search for him, and at some point they gave a credit card to one of the children from the group to use to buy some food, according to testimony.

The confrontation in the parking lot started because Romine asked to be reimbursed for that, and it escalated to the point that Daniels was knocked to the ground.

They had all separated when Romine produced a gun and fired into the car Cook was riding in, along with some of the other adults and five children, according to the testimony.

Cook and some others jumped out of the car and rushed Romine, and video shows the gun discharged again after Romine was pulled to the ground. That shot struck Cook in the neck, killing her.

Defense attorney Bryan Delius argued during the preliminary hearing that Romine hadn’t intended to fire at Cook, but the gun discharged when she fell.

Another person was also struck by a ricochet during the exchange, but they survived.

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Contact Jeff at or Twitter at @jeffmtnpress