KNOXVILLE — Knoxville police charged a Seymour man with stalking, aggravated assault and other charges after he allegedly followed his ex-girlfriend around a popular bar, then attacked her outside after he was kicked out.

Alexander Verderosa, 28, of Seymour, was charged with robbery, stalking, and domestic assault following the alleged incident at Hanna’s Old City on Central Street in Knoxville.

Verderosa is accused of approaching an ex-girlfriend in the club and grabbed her arm, causing security to kick him out.

“He then had several of his friends in the club FaceTime him and follow her in the club so the defendant could know where she was,” according to court documents.

The Mountain Press does not generally identify alleged victims of domestic violence.

When the woman noticed the friends were recording her she reported it to security, who ejected them, and shortly after 2 a.m. she and one of her friends called for a ride and tried to leave.

Verderosa was still waiting outside, however, along with an unknown man and woman.

“The victim was thrown to the ground by Verderosa and the unknown female, and the unknown male put his foot on her neck,” according to court documents.

Her friend called 911, but Verderosa took the phone and threw it into an alley.

A Knoxville police officer saw Verderosa throw the phone and took him into custody, but the other people with him fled before they could be detained, according to the court documents.

It wasn’t the first time Verderosa was accused in an incident involving the same ex-girlfriend.

Last April, he was arrested for an incident where document said he went to the woman’s home and forced his way through the door, then shoved her into a wall when she tried to make him leave.

He was initially charged with aggravated burglary, but later pleaded guilty to aggravated trespassing.

He was on probation for that incident and is now facing a violation of probation charge for the incident as well.

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Contact Jeff at or Twitter at @jeffmtnpress