SEVIERVILLE — A Sevierville home will be featured in the next episode of “American Dream Home” on Fox Business Network.

The episode, hosted by Cheryl Casone, will air at 8:30 p.m. today, Tuesday, Nov. 23. It follows a couple named Amy and Stacey, who are seeking their perfect new home near the Smoky Mountains. The pair toured multiple homes before selecting their favorite.

The couple said they thought the area is perfect because of its proximity to the mountains and the variety of activities to do.

“We chose this area around the Smoky Mountains mostly because we have four kids. Two are now in college and two are still at home with us, and so part of this is we want a place for them and our younger two to want to come home to,” Amy said during the episode.

The area, they said, is unique because it is in a mountain setting but has amusement parks and other activities that will give their family plenty to do.

The series, which launched on Tuesday, Sept. 21, with two back-to-back 30-minute episodes, features behind the scene looks at some custom-built homes across the country and the stories behind them. It is a heartwarming and aspirational look at how people achieved their life goals.

A FOX Business original, Casone joined the network when it launched in 2007 and after buying and renovating her apartment in NYC, she became hooked on real estate. Prior to her career in financial journalism — Casone got her start in business as a flight attendant — so the launch of American Dream Homes is the perfect culmination of her life story.