Pedro S. Ngayan

Pedro S. Ngayan

SEVIERVILLE — A Pigeon Forge man is out of jail but serving probation after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges over a December incident where he drew a gun during a confrontation in the Walmart Supercenter.

Pedro S. Ngayan, 66, spoke mostly through an interpreter as he accepted an agreement Tuesday in Sevier County Circuit Court that saw him plead guilty to reckless endangerment, assault, and domestic assault.

Tuesday’s proceedings also shed some new light on the Dec. 23 incident in Walmart, which was initially reported as an active shooter incident although it turned out no shots were fired.

Prosecutor Chuck Murphy didn’t mention what led up to the confrontation between Ngayan, Dashawn Bonner and Bonner’s father. But he said it became physical when Bonner shoved Ngayan off his feet.

“It was more than a shove,” Murphy said. “(Surveillance) video shows Mr. Ngayan actually leaving his feet.”

Ngayan, who had a concealed carry permit, got up with his gun drawn.

The Bonners fled, and witnesses started calling 911 and saying that shots had been fired, Murphy said.

Ngayan and Dashawn Bonner would confront each other again in the store’s vision center just a short time later.

While Murphy said that both men had guns drawn at that time, defense attorney Steven Oberman said Ngayan put his weapon away a few seconds after the Bonners fled and never drew it again.

“The video would show Mr. Ngayan did initially pull out his gun for a period of six seconds,” Oberman said. “By the time he got to the vision center, the gun was reholstered — put back in his pocket — so it was not drawn at that time.”

After that Ngayan went into the parking lot and waited there in his car for police to arrive. Bonner was also arrested outside the store.

With customers in the store saying shots had been fired, law enforcement officers from all over Sevier County converged on the store.

The investigation eventually showed neither man fired their weapons during the incident. “It was simply an argument that went the wrong way,” Murphy said.

Bonner pleaded guilty last week to a charge of disorderly conduct.

With both men accepting plea agreements over the past few days, it would appear that incident is now resolved.

The domestic assault charge stemmed from a January incident.

Ngayan, who was out on bond after his arrest from the Walmart incident, allegedly argued with his wife and at some point he grabbed her wrists so hard he caused bruises that were visible the next day.

When their son visited and saw the bruises, he eventually called Pigeon Forge police, according to authorities.

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