Property transfers map

District 1

• Tricia Mills to Travis Helton and Shannon Helton, English Mountain, Lot 38, $4,000.

• Mark B. Filter and Penny Lynn Filter to Danielle Higgins, English Mountrain Condominiums, Lot 731, $127,000.

• Christopher Watson to Mitch Conway, Autumn Ridge, Lot 19, Phase 2, $1,750,000.

• Earl Ray Williams, Edna S. Williams, David Williams, and Donald Williams to Chris Watson, D.L. Williams Estate, Lot 1, $225,000.

• Chelsey Cheyanne Parkhill to David B. Stowers and Christine L. Stowers, Burchell Property, Lot 2, $93,000.

• First Street Partners and Austin Williams to Kenneth D. Rich and heather Rich Smith, English Mountain, Lot 33, 57, 62, 70, 89, 133-135, $25,000.

• Smoky Mountain Dreams LLC to Steven Brzezenski, Smoky Mountain Retreat, Lot 89 A, $578,000.

• Scott H. Patterson and Sandra L. Patterson to Mark A. Mullins and Kimberly A. Mullins, 20.1 Acres, $122,500.

District 2

• Fletcher Baker and Laura Baker to Matthew C. Swartz and Devon Frazier, Shieldview Estates, Lot 8 and 9, $550,000.

• Jay R. Parikh and Rekha Parikh to Mary Ly and Seuchia Ly, Hemlock Hills, Lot 1, $685,000.

• Steven Garcia and Nancy to Lock Investments LLC, Powdermill Estates, Lot 14, $99,000.

• James T. Victory and Laura B. Victory to Danny Wilhelm and Karleen Wilhelm, Mountainview Village Condominiums, Lot 309, $225,000.

District 3

• William Honeycutt and Kathryn L. Honeycutt to Shiva Davey, Fiesta Hills, Lot 141, $5,000.

• Jacqueline E. Mayes and John E. Galyon to Oleh Sherstiuk, Rolling Hills, Lot 31, $405,000.

• Christopher Stephen Reis and Kelly L. Reis to Pepper Palace Properties LLC, Maplewood Estates, Lot 50, $105,000.

• Albert J. Shevis and Jerome L. Doddridge to Boyd Industrial LLC, Gregory Property, Lot 13, Fiesta Hills South, Lot 13, $26,000.

• James Eric Bettis and Sarah Bettis to Katherine McLees Orem and Anson Lennon Orem, Fairgarden Village, Lot 34, $67,900.

District 4

• Rigg Properties Inc to Narendrasairam Immadi and Keerthi Kolla, Hidden Springs Resort, Lot 7, Phase 1, $539,000.

• Timothy J. Dean to Danay Nunez Lacorte, Eagle Crest, Lot 118, Phase 2, $10,000.

• Darrell Keene to Vazirani Rentals LLC, Ridgewood Estates, Lot 33, Mountain Meadows Estate, Lot 155 and 171, Phase 3, River Valley Estates, Lot 9, $775,000.

• Darrell Keene to Anna Anurova, Ridgewood Estates, Lot 2, $225,000.

• Jeffery Todd Neely Sr. and Dianna Lynn Neely to James Peplow and Teresa Peplow, Stetson Spring, Lot 5, $1,000,000.

• Michael H. Oakley and Stephanie Huskey Oakley to Lynn Cheryl Chalache, Belle Meadows, Lot 125, Phase 2, $310,000.

• 3M Investments GP and RBM Properties Group to Pinecrest Smoky Mountain Holdings LLC, Villas at Willow Trace, Lot 119-125, 127-131, 134, and 135, Thurman Heights, Lot 35, $2,680,000.

• 3M Investments GP to Pinecrest Smoky Mountain Holdings LLC, Willow Trace, Lot 19A-21A, 24, 35, 36, 53, $1,432,502.

• 3M Investments GP to Pinecrest Smoky Mountain Holdings LLC, Villas at Willow Trace, Lot 102-107, 109, 110, 112-118, $2,437,500.

• John Jauch and Lynn Jauch to William A. West and Teresita L. West, Hidden Spring Resort, Lot 123, phase 2, $475,000.

• Thomas W. Jackman Jr. and Linda M. Jackman to Cedric Priso, Starr Crest Resort, Lot 4001, Phase 4, $725,000.

• Jessica L. Underwood Hale and Michael S. Hale to Carolyn Reynolds Elliot, Mountain Meadows Estate, Lot 65, Phase 1, $290,000.

• Jennifer Waroway to Todd Waroway, Leamar, Lot 11, $200,000.

• Michael Sassaman and Brenda Sassaman to Carmen Bertram, Tiffany Ridge, Lot 14, $425,000.

• Sandra L. Nagel and Scott Nagel Aif to Steven K. Branham and Mei Shuen Branham, River Colony, Lot 8, $174,900.

• Artemie Pintea to Robert David Wurtz and Claudia Pitaci, Mountain Meadow Estates, Lot 152, Phase 2, $295,100.

• Douglas Hinson trustee, Sandra Hinson trustee, and Hinson Family Trust to Darren Dwyer, Hidden Springs Resort, Lot 106, Phase 2, $835,000.

• Scott D. Lafollette and Alisha Lafollette to Jason O. Fradd and Brooke E. Fradd, Mountain Meadow Estate, Lot 27, Phase 1, $341,033.

District 5

• Cora K. Frater to Capital Investments Partners LLC, Kimberly Hills, Lot 2 and 3, Ross Huskey Farm, Lot 14, $695,000.

• Jeffrey O’Mara and Tammy O’Mara to Dewayne M. Henderson and Kelly Henderson, Hidden Mountain East, Lot 201, Phase 8, $250,000.

• Gregory M. Williams and Shellie A. Williams to Ideal Realties LLC, Golf View Resort, Community, Lot A1-23, Phase 1, $355,000.

• Mary Ann Banks to Thomas Campbell and Diana Campbell, S. New Era Rd, 21.85 Acres, $350,000.

• Ruby Prather and F. Danile Prather deeased to Five Oaks Development Group West L P Inc, New Era Road, 1.2 Acres, $360,000.

• Curl Properties LLC to Sugar Mountain IV LLC, Hidden Mountain East, Lot 208, Phase 8, $1,275,000.

• Gloria M. Noles to Curl Properties LLC, Hidden Mountain East, Lot 186, Phase 7, $260,000.

• Aaron Emmanuel Cadena to Li Bao and Jon Biorn, River Valley East Estates, Lot 34, $335,000.

• Martin Gicala and Slyvia Gicala to Barbara Hernandez and Juan Abel Chirino, Hideaway Ridge, Lot34, $40,000.

• Edward L. Bailey and Mary R. Quirk-Bailey to An Thi Dang and Binh An Nguyen, Dogwood Trace, Lot 35, $270,000.

• Teen Escapes LLC to Capital Investment Partners LLC, Stonehenge, Lot 430, $55,000.

• Michael J. Wall and Sara S. Wall to Alice Kim, Hideaway Hills, Lot 154 and 155, $500,000.

• Rhonda R. Rauls to Steven Fleming and Amy Fleming, Sky Harbor, Lot 1233, $440,000.

• Brian N. Kirby and Laura J. Kirby to Danny L. O’ Daniel Jr. and Patricia L. O’ Daniel, Mount Conley Delight, Lot 15, $275,000.

• Kenneth Ogle Jr. and Vivian M. Ogle to Terry Ritchie Deese and Lisa Lowder Deese, Laurelwood, Lot 3 and 4, $120,000.

• Tony Trotman and Marie Trotman to Farrell Lathman and Deborah, Whispering Pines Condominium, Lot 334, $325,000.

• Bird and Anvil LLC to Philip Pane, Kings Hill, Lot 11, Phase 2, $297,000.

• Susan E. Stewart and Samuel E. Stewart to Tim Burke, Conner Heights, Lot 80R, $290,000.

• Tony J. Monasmith and Sandra K. Monasmith to Lance Rudzinski and Katherine B. Rudzinski, Alpine Mountain Village, Lot 72R, Phase 4, $635,000.

• James Belcher and Brudgette Belcher deceased to Bowman Real Estate Investing LLC, Riverplace Condominiums, Lot A502, $360,000.

• Jason M. Rees and Jennifer Nicole Rees to Andrea Lopiccolo trustee, Pietra Lopiccolo trustee, Andrea Lopiccolo and Pietra Lopiccolo Revocable Living Trust, Starr Crest Resort 2, Lot 32, Phase 3, $1,300,000.

• Tennessee Developers Group LLC to Dava Megan Fuller and Rodney Fuller Jr., Timeless Resort of the Smokys, Lot 10, $599,000.

• FTPF LLC to Joshua Carver and Katie Carver, Fiddlersw Creek, Lot 7, Phase 1, $647,330.

• Michael Richard Lipp and Courtney Wynkoop to John Howard and Connie Osborne Howard, Bruse and Intha Ogle Property, Lot 12, $599,000.

• Christopher S. Belvins and Reshana D. Belvins to Matthew Edwin Brown, Eagle Ridge Resort, Lot 38C, $450,000.

• Jesse R. Hurst and Lindsey Hurst to Gabriel J. Sharp and Ashton Eades, Allensville Ridge, Lot 89, Phase 2, $235,000.

• Triple A Investors LLC to Barfield Enterprise Inc, Whispering Pines Condominiums, Lot 621, $510,000.

• Royce Greg executor and Charles E. Kidd estate to Sevierville Realty LLC and Sevierville Bilt LLC, Middle Creek Professional Complex, Lot B, $320,460.

• Charlotte Sue Sonner Ind and Per Rep, John L. Sonner estate, and Vincent B. Trolley to Sevierville Realty LLC and Sevierville Bilt LLC, Middle Creek Professional Complex, Lot A, $320,460.

• Tolley Kidd Sonner Joint Venture, Charlotte Sue Sonner Ind and Per Rep, John L. Sonner estate, Vincent B. Trolley, Royce Greg executor, and Charles E. Kidd estate, Middle Creek Professional Complex, Lot , CX, D, U, E, and F, $885,080.

District 6

• Charles McCarter and Earl McCarter to Dargel Rodriguez Menderos and Rosemary Luna, Homestead in Wears Valley, Lot 2, $30,000.

• Carroll D. Tripp and Lind Tripp to Candina Smith and Kevin D. Smith, Spring Gap Lot 23R, $585,000.

• Kenneth Presnell and Michelle Presnell to Jesse Gill and Tracy Gill, Twin Bridge, Lot 34A, $479,000.

• C.W. Jack Ogle, C.W. Ogle, and Helen Faye Ogle to James R. Headrick and Brandon J. Headrick, C.W Jack and Helen Faye Ogle, Lot 2, $150,000.

• Christopher Anthony Monteleone and Tyra Renee Monteleone to Sinjen Povoli and Lauren Povoli, Ravens Den, Lot 11, $835,000.

• James Reece Headrick and James Brandon Headrick to Vincent Pisano and Patricia Pisano, Roundtop Acres, Lot 8, $929,000.

• Robert D. Buckley to Robert E. Pesnell Jr., Homestead in Wears Valley, Lot 28E, $235,000.

• Gail a. Hill and Susan D. Hill to John L. Forman and Donald Scott, Homestead in Wears Valley, Lot 113E, Unit 1, Phase 2, $244,900.

• Anthony Bianco and Kathryn Bianco to Cove III LLC, Cove Meadows, Lot 8, $152,500.

• Donn R. Tisch and Margaret O. Tisch to Matthew J. Knight and Sara Knight, Wears Cove Acres, Lot 2, $520,000.

• Joel Philip Davis and Mary Ruth Davis to James R. Headrick and Brandon Headrick, Cove Meadows, Lot 60, $60,000.

• Landcorp of Illinois Inc to Justin Strecker, John H. and Roberta Murray Property, Lot 2, $74,000.

• Jerry R. Rodgers and Nyla P. Rodgers to Philip Andrew Billard and Lorine Karen Billard, Wonderland Woods, Lot 37, Phase 1, $529,000.

• Leanne K. Bonning and Brandon R. Bonning to Geoff Collagan Sirhal, homestead in Wears Valley, Lpt 147 and 148, Unit 7, Phase 1, $490,000.

• Case Family Farm LLC to James P. Wood and Susan M. Wood, Andrew James King III Property, Lot B, $375,000.

• Brian J. Galloway and Sharon M. Galloway to Benjamin Wood and Autumn Wood, Dogwood Farms, Lot 8, Phase 3, $775,000.

District 7

• H and H Properties, Sandra Harper, and Joseph Harper to John Davenport, Ronnie C. Jenkins Property, Lot 1, $500,000.

District 8

• Benny Henry and Kathleen Henry deceased to James C. Shepherd and Angela D. Shepherd, Roy B. and Kathleen Henry, Lot 1, $150,000.

District 9

• Bobby Hayes and Lisa Hayes to Richard Glenny and F. Darlene Glenny, S. Old Sevierville Pike, 0.16 Acres, $75,000.

• James Robert Sharp Sr. and Patsy J. Sharp to Gladys Zayac and Steve Zayac Sr., Indian Heights, Lot 95, $63,000.

• Elizabeth Schultz Ind and Per Rep, Karen Shoup, and John D. Shoup estate, Highlands, Lot 5, $465,000.

• Billy L. Godsey Jr. and Teresa L. Goodsey to Bradley M. Guinn and Amy D. Guinn, Chilhowee Overlook, 59-61, Phase 10, $649,900.

• Bruce Allen Bont and Tina Bont to David Tallent and Carolyn Tallent, Emerts Crossing, Lot 21, $270,000.

• Jerroll R. Bont trustee, Kenneth D. Snapp trustee, and SB Legacy Trust to Colette Renee Admire and William Joseph Lucia, High Meadows, Lot 3, $564,000.

• Terry L. Harper and Frances P. Harper to Edward L. Bailey and Mary R. Quirk, Newell Village, Lot 7, $362,000.

• Willies Restaurant LLC to Stokely Hospitality Enterprises, US 441 Chapman Highway, 1.0159 Acres, $825,950.

• Paige Burchell to Laura J. Lumb, Franklin Meadow Condominiums, Lot 47, $225,000.

District 10

• John D. Prescott and Mary L. Prescott to Robert Paltridge, Sterling Springs, Lot 81R, $1,170,000.

• Timothy A. Chapman and Danielle A. Adkins to Maria Barrita Rios, White School Road, 0.93 Acres, $95,000.

• Eileen P. Whaley and Tommy R. Whaley to Justin B. Rose and Brittany N. Kovarick, Sugar Loaf Ridge, Lot 14, Phase 3, $450,000.

• Mary Sue White Per Rep, Bobby Ed White, Herbert Dennis White, Mary Alieen Clabo, Dora Caroline Ward estate, and Dora Ward estate to KK Properties IV LLC, Dora Ward Property, Lot 4-7, $823,762.50.

• Mary Sue White Per Rep, Bobby Ed White, Herbert Dennis White, Mary Alieen Clabo, Dora Caroline Ward estate, and Dora Ward estate to Rigoberto Hernandez Escobar and Mario Alberto Silva Garcia, Dora Ward Property, Lot 3, $68,750.

• Joanne Galyon Bracey to Lenin L. Kimbler III, Highway 441. 5.002 Acres, $184,900.

• Ray Braun to Anna Acker and Christopher Acker, Sugar Loaf Ridge, Lot 5, $474,900.

District 11

• Ryan S. Cooley to Nicholas Nicaud and Emily Nicaud, Windswept Condominiums, Lot 115, $339,900.

• Steven Brach and Christina Branch to Thomas Ernest Dubois and Patricia Dubois, Village Stream Condominiums, Lot 164 and 205, $259,900.

• Jon E. Shell to PCB Retreats Vacation Home LLC, Jon E. Shell Property, Lot 1 and 2, $600,00.

• Old Ridge Investors LLC to Keith Dal porto, Grant Watson Property, Lot 2, $1,050,000.

• Evan Lindsay Holdings LLC to John Holmes and Darla Holmes, Chalet Village North, Lot 319, $1,275,000.

• Evergreen Design and Construction LLC to McDaniel Tennessee Rentals LLC, Chalet Village North, Lot 300, $595,000.

• Kayvan Hejazifar and Melissa Hejazifar to Dorisa Rodney, $635,801.40.

• Monaben Mehta and Gondal Realestates LLC, Outback Resort Village, Lot 28, Phase 1, $674,000.

• Alisha Faye Sorknes to Katherine Schwarz and Kimberly Schwarz, Sky Harbor, Lot 1492B, $15,000.

• Michael Boehm and Marie J. Boehm to Heaven’s Cabins LLC, Chalet Village North, Lot 660, $1,000,000.

• Robert B. Yates Jr. trustee and Robert B. Yates Trust to Timothy T. Dunkin Sr., Holston Assembly Grounds, Lot 153 and 154, $215,000.

District 12

• Benjamin Lee and Angela Lee to Gregory J. Hartman and Tammy M. Hartman, Dogwood Meadows, Lot 11, $349,900.

District 13

• Seventeen Corp to Ai Kelly Huynh and Thi Anh Huynh, Starr Crest, Lot 16-R, $770,000.

• David J. Carpenter and Peggy A. Carpenter to Gina G. King, Fox Run, Lot 1, $27,000.

• Howard E. Helton Jr. and Kathy A. Helton to Michael Sweeney Jr. and Amelia Sweeney, Ralph Spence and Jonnie Spence Property, Lot 6, $359,900.

• Ingram P. Johnson III and Gina F. Johnson to Madrcie M. Herberger, Mountain View Development, Lot 26, Unit 2, $1,075,000.

• June T. Manis trustee, Manis Family Revocable Trust, and Jimmy E. Manis Jr. deceased to Deborah K. Post, Ridge Crest Aces, Lot 20, $115,810.

District 14

• Diane Gulick Syphax to Sara Pullum Pinon and Enrique Pinon, Eagle Spring Resort, Lot 44, $540,000.

• Ricky L. Clark Ind and Aif and Jane M. Clark to Genevieve Sladick and Tara Sladick, Wade E. Johnson Estate Property, Lot 1, $70,000.

• Billie Cobb and Steven Cobb deceased to David L. Perretta and Mary E. Perretta, Keenland Farms, Lot 84, $260,000.

• Kimberly D. Puleo and Nicholas Octavius Sawyer and Kitti Kertesz Sawyer, Vista at Hodges Bend, Lot 10, Phase 1, $410,000.

• Mary S. Gathe and Rollin D. Gathe deceased to James L. Venters and Calloway, fremd Broad River Log Cabin, Lot 9, $371,000.

• Glenna Glaspie, Don E. Douglass, David R. Douglass, J.A. Douglass, Marie C. Douglass, Marilyn Trotter, Joyce Huskey, Patsy D. Hodges McQueen, and Mollie E. Douglass deceased to Mandi Carr, Mandi Dionicio, and Florencio Dionicio, Gists Creek Road, .6 Acres, $20,000.

District 15

• Lucy Benson to Brad C. Dodgen, Flat Creek Road, 0.605 Acr4es, $5,000.

• First Street Partners, Pam Fisher Stinnett, Thomas Paul King, and Austin Williams to Matthew Johnson, Catlett Cove, Lot 5, $13,000.

• Kirt McLane and Shirley A. McLane to Sheila Snoots, Michael Gene Petit Property, Lot 1, Gary Rosenbalm, Lot 2-A and 2-B, $450,000.

• Triangle Elite Properties LLC to Singh’s Horizon LLC, Preserve at English Mountain, Lot 15, Phase 1, $1,125,000.

District 16

• Price Partnership GP and Brian Davis to Danielle L. O’Hara, James R. Shipp Et Ux Property, Lot 5B, $587,500.

• Joseph H. Griner III and Angela L. Griner to Chris MeLanon and Laurie MeLanon, Meadow Ridge, Lot 15 and 16, $85,000.

• Scott Garlough and Sarah E. Traywick to Derek Lo, Bear Creek Crossing, Lot 68, Phase 8, $810,000.

• SDS Family Limited Partnership, Stephen D. Sanders, and Sherry R. Sanders, Bluff Mountain Road, $380,000.

• Larry L. Lasseigne and Gladys V. Lasseigne to D and J Steiner Investments LLC, Shagbark, Lot 3, $20,000.

• Carlotta Kay Hayes to Pags Investments LLC, Walden Creek Estates, Lot 24, $110,000.

• Carlotta Kay Hayes to Gregory Scott Linkous and Saundra, Walden Creek Estates, Lot 23, $110,000.

• Angela B. Holley and Mark E. Holley to Patrick J. Hyland and Cindy L. Hyland, Cedar Bluff, Lot 106, Phase 4, $1,565,000.

• Richard Jason Pruitt and Ciera Nicole Pruitt to Katie Lea Brown and Chad Kyle Brown, Cedar Falls Bluff, Lot 125, Phase 4, $955,000.

• Darryl K. Kizer to Neha Wadhera, Shubhra Goyal, and Gayatri Raikhy, Shagbark, Lot 7, $25,000.

• Hemlock 1230 LLC to Jay Pasin and Sarah Pasin, Cedar Falls, Lot 34-R, $805,000.

• David Matthew Jobe to Michael Smith and Sherry Smith, Cedar Creek Crossing, Lot 8, $1,100,000.

• Edna B. Kimble executrix and Thomas Kimble estate to Ray Rossman and Lisa Rossman, Citizens Real Estate Company Property, Lot 25 and 26, $89,000.

• Paul Adam Pink to Larry P. Qualls and Catherine A. Qualls, Shagbark, Lot 12, $370,000.

District 17

• Landcorp of Illinois Inc to Touhalisky Properties LLC, Cobbly Nob, Lot 89, $34,000.

• Morris H. Walker, Charles Morris Walker, and Mitzi W. Graves to Mark A. Agnello, Outdoor Resort at Gatlinburg, Lot 291, $100,000.

• Gary E. Taylor and Kimberly A. Taylor to Kenneth Bramwell and Amy D. Bramwell, White Oak Lodge and Resort, Lot 47, $446,000.