SEVIERVILLE — Northview Primary School along with students from Northview Intermediate School held a Thanksgiving Day parade led by students on Nov. 23.

Students from each grade were challenged to create a float that they could hold, pull, or wear. Those who participated were then able to show off their creation in a parade for teachers, staff and fellow students to watch.

Each float consisted of their own unique and different theme such as fall or winter, while others were fan favorites such as movie themed or school themed.

The judging panel consisted of Arrowmont and two County Commissioners Aaron Foster and Mike Hillard.

After much deliberation a first, second, and third place winner was chosen from each grade, and an overall school winner was chosen.

In Pre-K, 1st was Kallie Mitchell and 2nd was Elaine Franklin. In Kindergarten, in 1st was Case Williams, 2nd Brason Blankenship, and 3rd Knox Miller. In first grade, 1st was Lizzy Franklin, 2nd Cain Lorosa, and 3rd Lena Alt. In second grade, 1st was Jace Gaddis, 2nd Brantley Andreas, 3rd Aubrey Hill. In third grade, 1st was Vincent Schell, 2nd Christina Andreas, and 3rd Canton Furtado. And the overall school winner was Violet Holden.

“The kids keep amazing me with all their creative designs. I am blown away each month at all the hard work that is going into these projects. We had over 150 projects turned in this month,” said teacher Cassie Cate.

The floats created were part of the monthly challenge presented to the students through STEM.

Northview Primary wants to thank all the judges who came out and had the hardest job of choosing winners.