ROSCOE, Mont. - A woman from Roscoe is doing her best to hold onto hope after these devastating floods, she lost her husband a few years back... And has now lost her home.

Leaving her with a few items, her dog Bentley and clothes on her back, Jeanette Ostrum said she had never seen anything like what she experienced last, and even though she has lost everything, she is blessed to have her family and her friends to support her.

“I am thankful for my family, my grandchildren have done a lot for me and I really appreciate it. I love them very much, and I really thank my son, he really worked and tried to save that house, more than he should have. Risked his life you know to do that,I really appreciate that,” Ostrum said.

She says that he daughter is taking really great care of her as well as the church community.

She says right now, she is just trusting God to provide for her.

A Go-Fund-Me has been set up here for Jeanette as, like many, her insurance does not cover items lost or damage to the home.

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