PIGEON FORGE — Police here have charged a juvenile with reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident after an incident Thursday when a passenger riding in the bed of his pickup fell out after he did a burnout on the Parkway.

Pigeon Forge Police provide a report on the incident Tuesday, but redacted identifying information on the juvenile including his age and city of residence. It indicates the vehicle had Georgia plates.

It indicates the passenger, 32-year-old Timothy Albert Daigle, of Blue Ridge, Georgia, was airlifted to UT Medical Center. He was later released.

Police were called to the area of the Parkway near the Top Jump attraction at about 9 p.m. Thursday.

“Upon arrival, the tuck was located in the center lane with a crowd of people behind it,” Officer Aaron Loveday reported.

“(Daigle) was lying face down on the pavement and was bleeding heavily from different parts of his head. At this time, Mr. Daigle could not answer questions nor did it appear he was comprehending anything being said to him.”

He was turned over to medical personnel as soon as they arrived, and was airlifted to UT Medical Center, according to the report.

When Dunlap went to talk to the driver, he found the vehicle was no longer present at the scene.

One witness said the car had just left a red light when people stated yelling that a passenger fell out.

“Other passengers on scene were not very cooperative with law enforcement stating things such as ‘they didn’t know who was driving, and it was just a friend.’ ”

Loveday sent out a bulletin for officers to search for the truck, and eventually the driver returned to the scene while officers were still there.

At some point, a person whose name has been redacted told officers that “they were telling (the driver) to ‘give it hell,’ which led to him power braking (holding down the break and the gas at the same time) and taking off. At this time Mr. Daigle slid off the cooler he was sitting on up against the tailgate and fell into the roadway.”

The report indicates the truck was raised, meaning Daigle fell from a considerable height onto the road.

The juvenile driver was given a breathalyzer test, which did not show any blood-alcohol content, according to the report.

He was booked at the Sevier County Juvenile Center.

The accident happened as visitors were arriving for the Smoky Mountain Truckfest at Smokies Stadium as well as for the Pigeon Forge Rod Run.

Pigeon Forge officials have indicated they are reconsidering their approach to car shows after an increase in rowdy behavior at the rod runs.

This year’s Rod Run also included an incident where shots were fired at a Pigeon Forge gas station during a fight, although no one was injured.

The city’s complaints included an increase in what officials called vulgar behavior as well as traffic and behavior on the roads that included speeding and burnouts.

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Contact Jeff at jfarrell@themountainpress.com or Twitter at @jeffmtnpress