GATLINBURG — Police here arrested a Georgia man Thursday after he allegedly struck his girlfriend’s 9-year-old boy with a pool stick after the child called 911 during a domestic dispute.

Officers were first dispatched to a cabin on Hidden Ridge Way after a 911 call from a child.

John Ruy, 33, of Clarkston, Georgia, was the first person to speak to them when they arrived, officer Paul Boling said.

“After several minutes of the defendant cursing us and calling us racists, the mother of the children ... brought the kids downstairs so we could see them,” Boling said in an arrest warrant.

“Her 9-year-old son admitted to calling 911 due to the defendant arguing with his mother.”

At the time, the girlfriend told officers that she and her children were safe, and officers left. Officers told them they could call 911 if they felt threatened, according to the warrants.

The Mountain Press does not generally identify alleged victims of domestic assault.

A short time later, the girlfriend called 911 and said Ruy had assaulted her and her son.

Ruy surrendered when officers arrived.

After they went inside, the mother said Ruy started yelling at her son after police left.

“When she attempted to intervene, he began hitting the child. In an attempt to stop him she struck John with a pool stick,” Boling said.

“He turned and took the pool stick from her and struck the child in the head.”

The child was bleeding from a wound to the head, and the woman had cuts and scratches on her neck from allegedly being choked by Ruy as well as a busted lip, according to the warrants.

Officers charged Ruy with aggravated assault and aggravated child abuse.

He was being held at the Sevier County Jail Thursday.

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Contact Jeff at or Twitter at @jeffmtnpress