NASHVILLE — Jeff Stice, the acclaimed gospel pianist who formerly played for The Triumphant Quartet at the Louise Mandrell Theatre in Pigeon Forge, has suffered a neck and spinal cord injury after passing out at his home on Saturday, Aug. 28, according to an open letter from his wife, Stacey Stice, posted to social media on Wednesday, Sept. 1.

“At this point I feel I need to express the seriousness of Jeff’s condition. I only do this in hopes that the prayers never cease. My faith is strong, and I know that God hears my cries,” she said in the letter.

Stice is being treated at the Skyline Medical Center in Nashville, and has been able to communicate with his wife by phone.

“Jeff was very weak due to Covid. He began feeling bad on Thursday. By Saturday morning he became so weak that he passed out, the injury being the result. Although he did suffer injuries to his face, his head is fine,” Stacey Stice said. “He has no injuries to his brain. He suffered a significant break in his neck, and he has significant spinal cord injuries.”

Stice played for, arranged and produced music with The Triumphant Quartet for 12 years. He also played in Louise Mandrell’s orchestra on occasion and received several awards and recognitions including being voted Musician of the Year in 2007 by the Southern Gospel Music Guild.

Stacey Stice said he is at war with the virus, has been put on oxygen and has a blood clot in his left upper arm.

“Jeff is able to follow commands when told to move his feet; however, he is not able to feel this movement. He does have very limited movement in his arms and hands; however, at this time, no functioning of them,” she wrote.

“I ask that everyone continue to pray. Any time I have asked him what he needs, his response is PRAYERS. Please help me honor my husband’s request and continue lifting him up.”