SEVIERVILLE — A Pensacola, Florida, man has pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct over a Dec. 23 incident in which he and a second man drew handguns in the Walmart Superstore on the Parkway.

DaShawn Bonner had been charged with assault after the incident. He is serving a 30-day suspended sentence.

Sevierville Police said Bonner initially shoved 66-year-old Pedro Ngayan, of Pigeon Forge, during a confrontation inside the store. Bonner’s father was also present during the incident.

Ngayan drew a handgun at that point, and both Bonner and his father fled. However, police said Ngayan followed Bonner and cornered him in the store’s vision center. At that point, Bonner drew a gun of his own and Ngayan fled.

Bonner agreed to surrender his gun as part of the plea agreement.

Witnesses called in the incident to 911 as an active shooter, but Sevierville Police later determined neither man discharged their gun inside the store.

Ngayan faces two counts of aggravated assault in relation to the incident.

Speaking through a translator, he agreed to waive a preliminary hearing Friday on that charge as well as a domestic assault charge from a separate incident in January.

Pigeon Forge Police arrested him Jan. 16 on the new charge after he allegedly struck a woman at his home during an argument.

He’s been held at the Sevier County Jail ever since.

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Contact Jeff at or Twitter at @jeffmtnpress