SEVIERVILLE — The state still has to review the proposed new voting districts for Sevier County residents, but the county website will let voters see if their precincts or districts are set to change.

The Sevier County Commission approved the new maps for its own district this week, along with maps for the Sevier County Board of Education and constables.

Those maps have now been sent on to the Sevier County Election Commission and to the state comptroller’s office.

They’re still subject to further review, as the lines for state and federal offices are also being redrawn.

In the meantime, residents can go to the Sevier County website to view the proposed new maps and see if their districts have changed.

In addition to looking at the maps, they can plug in an address to see the proposed district under the new plan.

The maps cannot break up census blocks, which are the smallest geographic units the city uses to tabulate data.

“It’s like the hardest jigsaw puzzle you ever did,” said Stacey Whaley, director of the county GIS.

The districts are drawn based on data from the newest census, which showed more rapid growth in the Seymour area than in some other sections of the county.

That means many district maps had to shift, so that the population in each district remains approximately equal.

That work was carried out by a redistricting committee that included commissioners, election commission, and Sevier County GIS.

Before the proposed new maps can be certified, state and federal officials have to review them as well.

They could change, for example, if the state comes up with new boundaries for senate seats.

The county election commission will also be sending new voter cards to residents who have been moved to a new polling place, but it will still be a while until those are issued, said Nathan Whaley, administrator of the Sevier County Election Commission.

“If a voter has been moved to a new polling location they will be sent a new voter card with the new location,” he said.

“Cards won’t be mailed out until after we get notified about state senate lines. If those move, precincts will have to be adjusted. We won’t have that info until sometime in January.”