The Seymour Area Chamber of Commerce named Lucy Henighan its person of the year.


SEYMOUR — Lucy Henighan, president of Friends of Seymour Library, has been named Seymour Area Chamber of Commerce’s Person of the Year.

Among other accomplishments, Henighan has led the Friends’ drive to raise funds for furnishing the expanded Williams Family Library Seymour Branch, which is expected to reopen this fall. So far, under her leadership, the Friends have raised more than $106,000.

Henighan was one of the people to revive the Friends group a few years ago after a hiatus.

Since then, she has acted in various leadership roles, as board member, vice president and president. She has been instrumental in setting up the How We Live: Then and Now program with speakers on subjects of local interest; the music series Summer Sounds & Sweets, and many other fundraising activities that are helping with furnishing the expanded library, including a series of book sales.

“I am so happy for Lucy’s award,” said Library System Executive Director Rhonda Tippitt. “Lucy is excellent at connecting people to work together across groups with all different kinds of personalities, so that the goal is what’s important and stays the focus, and she does it with kindness and consideration, while helping to harness people’s strengths so everyone feels needed and included.

“Her calm demeanor and easy-going style help everyone involved in a project feel comfortable,” Rhonda said.

When she was presented with the award at Seymour Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual dinner recently, in typical modest fashion Henighan spoke not of herself but of the community’s role in coming together on the library project.

“The Friends have provided ways for the community to contribute time and money to the library expansion,” she said.

Originally from Kansas, Henighan is a former teacher who has worked with underprivileged children. She is an accomplished cook and a Master Gardener. She and her husband, Rich, dedicate time to enrolling local people in health insurance programs. They have lived in Seymour since 1977. They have two daughters and three grandchildren.