SEVIERVILLE — The Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved a settlement agreement and mutual release with Vulcan Materials during its regular meeting Monday evening, held virtually.

The agreement includes a payment from Vulcan Materials of $1,221,105.88 to compromise and settle all of the city’s damage claims related to issues caused by sinkholes near Collier Drive.

“They wanted us to release any claims that arose from the existing sinkholes even if they got bigger and that was a sticking point so we refused to agree to that, and as a result the agreement was further modified,” said Ed Owens, city attorney. “The only thing we’re releasing are the things we know about now, the money we’ve spent, any money we know we’re going to spend. Anything in the future is not released and that includes anything arising from these existing sinkholes if they get bigger, because that’s what they do.”

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen also approved the abandonment of a portion of right-of-way along the Parkway at the Church of God Home for Children property.

The section of right-of-way was originally acquired for the Parkway widening project. In exchange for the abandonment, the applicant, Ronald Ogle, has agreed to construct a greenway which would connect the existing West Prong greenway to the sidewalk on the southeast side of the Parkway.

As part of the agreement, Ogle is required to complete the greenway section within a year or the right-of-way reverts back to the city. The greenway project will have to be approved by the city.

“He’s working on construction drawings for us to review, prior to beginning construction,” said Dustin Smith, Sevierville development director.

The board also approved acceptance of donations to the Police and Fire Departments from Tanger Properties.

“Myself and (Fire) Chief (Matt) Henderson each received a check for $750 to our respective agencies from Tanger Outlets and we are requesting approval to put that toward our respective community outreach projects,” Police Chief Joseph Manning said.

The board also approved a work plan for an archaeological investigation from Northwind Resource Consulting for the wastewater treatment plant expansion for $146,239. This is the third phase of the project to deal with cultural resources located on McCroskey Island.

“We would relocate those artifacts and any skeletal remains to another predesignated area of the island,” said Keith Malone, water and sewer director. Malone confirmed the relocation site and burial plan has been approved by the tribes.

The board also approved:

• Amending the operating budget for the current fiscal year;

• A medium density residential district zoning designation for property on East Hardin and rezoning property on East Hardin Lane from low density residential district to medium density residential district;

• Adopting the 2018 International Residential Code and the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code;

• Fixing map errors for the legal boundary of the City of Sevierville;

• Accepting the Sevier County Hazard Mitigation Plan document;

• A Seamless Docs renewal agreement in the amount of $6,650;

• Renewal of brokerage and consultant services, UMR for Health Plan administrative services, pharmacy benefit manager and stop loss contract;

• Sevierville Chamber of Commerce 2021-2022 Marketing Plan;

• Purchase of a replacement inflatable rescue boat from One Boat in the amount of $12,537;

• An agreement with the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home for management and use of soccer fields from March through October;

• Agreements for management of Youth Baseball for 2021 season;

• A request from Chamber of Commerce to place a sculpture near the Gazebo property on Bruce Street. The sculpture will be created from historic railroad ties unearthed during the Streetscape project;

• Repairs to the city’s splash pad for $21,000 to Arley Johnson Jr. Construction;

• A license agreement with TDOT for connection for the West Prong Greenway;

• The sale of surplus vehicle to Sevier Solid Waste, Inc., in the amount of $2,500;

• The purchase of two service trucks from Ford of Murfreesboro for $170,240;

• A sewer line extension for Dan Scott property; tax map 35 parcel 3.23;

• Municipal Emergency Services annual air pack testings for $3,313.35 and $2,242.86.