SEVIERVILLE — The bear triplets rescued from the crawl space of a Sevier County home over the weekend are now back in that location with their mother.

Estimated to be three weeks old, the cubs were initially taken to Townsend’s Appalachian Bear Rescue where they were fed and cared for by curators.

On Wednesday, staffers with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency released video footage of the young bears — named Jasmine, Jeannie and Magic Bear by their ABR caretakers — being returned to their den in the crawl space. The mother had returned after their removal.

Coy Blair, ABR’s lead curator, said in the TWRA video that the triplets are the youngest he has ever encountered in his work with the nonprofit.

BearWise representative Kim Delozier is seen in the video explaining that there is competition among bears for denning space. He estimates the mother and her cubs may continue staying in the crawl space for six weeks.

Staffers at ABR later posted a Wednesday update to Facebook: “ ... There’s been a lot of smiling and, yes, more than a few happy tears shed at ABR. We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. We are grateful to all who made this possible.”

The triplets were the first arrivals of the season at the rescue center.

A reported gas leak at the house was addressed, and the homeowner agreed to allow the mother and her cubs to remain under the home.

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