What does the Bible say about the hope and reality of the new earth? What are the characteristics of the new earth? Maybe we get so excited about “going to heaven” that we don’t think too much about what it will be like. Well, our Bibles tell us it will be new. We know that’s where Jesus is building us a “house”. It’s where the lamb and the lion will be friends. These things we have known from childhood.

So, what’s different? What would make me want to “stay the course”, be good so to speak? Mainly to meet Jesus face to face. To gently touch His nail-scarred hands, to thank Him for the unspeakable gift to me, to hear Him say welcome home. To know that it’s not just for a visit but for eternity. There will be no death there and God will “wipe away all tears” (Isa. 25:8).