I have recently had the pleasure of placing a more than 100-year-old scrapbook in the hands of a lady who did not know it existed! The scrapbook was written by a high school student named Hazel D. Brummitt and was placed in the hands of her granddaughter who viewed it for the first time recently at the Genealogical and Historical Society office in the Archives Building in Wartburg.

The book was brought to me by a gentleman from the Meister Hills Community about twenty years ago. He had found it in the walls of a house he was renovating and wanted to give it to a relative. I tried to locate anyone by the name of Brummitt but had no luck. Then through my working with Mike Nance, who is now Morgan County Historian, and he is also very knowledgeable with computer work, he found a relative of Hazel, a granddaughter, Susan Davis.