Some in the medical community are asking why our healthcare results are not better since we invest one-fifth of our gross national income on medical care.

Some in our medical community see hospitals designing a business model that puts profit above patient care and outcome. The administrators are seemingly rewarded fiscally greater than the doctors and the nurses who give the frontline care. I have a neighbor who is writing a book from his lifetime of experience to seek to shed more light on the subject. He says he has no dog in the fight as he worked developing and marketing medical devices.

Some are politicizing all manner of medical care including COVID 19 vaccines and the variants. I suspect there will be no easy or quick answers. I further suspect we will continue to find it difficult to have real loving fact-based dialogue.

Yet I want to maybe sound simplistic by saying as we wrestle with all of the above God has given us free building blocks to healthy living. We know them. We just have a hard time practicing them. Top on my list, which many are discovering, is sunshine and fresh air. The Smokies are on their way to set a new attendance record as more people are getting out in nature. Forest-bathing so thoroughly researched and proclaimed by our Japanese scientific community spells out the bio-chemistry of it all.

Closely allied to this is exercise. Our bodies are designed to move. So much time in front of screens has to be balanced off with exercise in whatever format is possible at our age and circumstance. Sadly, the pandemic has kept many inside and sedentary.

Third on my list of the free gifts is the Christian faith. At the top of the list of the byproducts of faith is hope, very crucial to healthy living. Near to this is social interaction. We need to be together for support emotionally and spiritually. We are more alive in a community that loves us for ourselves. We are more vibrant when we have a mission beyond ourselves. We are sourced by a loving Savior who continues to replenish us with His loving presence, the Bread of life.

Praise God and let His gifts keep and restore healthy living. God-given food is a subject on its own and worthy of high praise!