Jean and I really enjoy tight-skin sumo mandarins, and I set a goal on Feb. 1 to peel one in a single swoop by the end of the month. That is, I would begin at the top and peel the mandarin without having any break in the peel. I know, I know — you may think, “What a weird goal!” But I’m like that, always setting goals for things. Some are very large, highly significant goals; some are like this mandarin peeling.

Considering February had 28 days, by the seventh day I would get at least one-fourth of the way before breaking, one-half of the way by the 14th, three-fourths of the way by the 21st, and reach my ultimate goal by the 28th. I reached it on the 27th, which, even though seemingly insignificant compared to personal and world events, gave me an uplift and feeling of accomplishment.