The minute I heard the J. Geils Band sing, "Years go by I'm lookin' through a girly magazine, and there's my homeroom angel on the pages in between," I knew that "Centerfold" would be a hit.

Recently Pastor Dan Moore lifted up the Good Shepherd of the Gospel of John, Chapter 10.

Aden Carver was a legendary mountaineer of Oconaluftee, North Carolina. However, few people remember that the centenarian spent 26 years of his remarkable life in Sevier, Cocke, and Blount counties in Tennessee.

About two weeks ago I was in a waiting room when I overheard a man talking to another gentleman about not being sure if he would put his son in Boy Scouts because "they've become so politically correct." I can only assume he was taking a jab at the more than 100-year-old organization's decis…

In 1940 when Arlie Ogle and his wife Ailene purchased property near Pigeon Forge at Caney Creek Road -- known today as the Spur -- Arlie gave the seller, Sam Lamon, a cow as down payment. Lamon was later overheard saying he'd get that property back some day because he didn't figure the Ogles…

When my alarm clock went off extra early Thursday morning, I was dreading the long drive to Wears Valley. A national park-led tour of the still-incomplete stretch of the Foothills Parkway that will eventually open a new, scenic route into the small Sevier County community awaited.

In a few weeks Sevier County will have a new circuit judge. This much is certain: that person will be young and inherit a job that has become, in some ways, overwhelming in the sheer volume of cases that come through.

"Love's Gonna Live Here Again" was playing over the piped-in music system as my wife, Jean, and I were leaving Cracker Barrel yesterday. The song was a big country-pop crossover hit back in its day, as were many of the songs by this recording artist.

(This column was first published in 1987. This is the first time it's been published since I retired from The Mountain Press in 2013.)

Have you ever been, or are you, a Jeep or Harley owner? If so, you know what I'm talking about.

Have you ever said of a couple, I wonder what on earth she sees in that guy? And that couple enjoys 60 years of contented marriage. Have you ever said, as you shared a wedding service, those two are ideally suited for each other? That surely is a match made in heaven. And six year later that…

Fifty-four years ago, at the Midway Drive-in Theater on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, the first of 26 James Bond movies lit up the screen. Starring as the iconic Agent 007, Sean Connery became known to the viewing world as "Bond -- James Bond." Third in the series came "Goldfinger" in 1964. M…

There is hidden treasure in these parts. A gem encompassing a tradition so bound in history it can trace its roots back thousands of years to influences sparking an ancient art.

There is new evidence of a successful treatment for reducing the risk of dementia and improving cognitive function. No treatment is perfect nor effective all of the time, but this one shows great promise. Good research over thousands of patients has demonstrated effectiveness.

When trails lead past the remains of stone wall or chimneys, it's natural to wonder about who lived there. That's what I was doing recently as I hiked on Old Settlers Trail.

The Foothills Parkway really does have a chance to be one of the most beautiful drives you'll ever see. But it's a shame that, after more than 70 years, the complete parkway isn't anywhere near to being finished.

Two weeks ago, we finally made it to Ijams in Knoxville. I have read about it in different Knoxville publications and I even had a friend who volunteered there. But you know how it is, if you don't make it a point to go somewhere, it will never happen.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has always confused me - and many others - in its definition of exactly what is considered a small business. Did you know that some "small businesses" have as many as 1,500 employees while some have no employees (only the owner is involved)?

The national park advised me that Baskins Creek was one of the trails that suffered fire damage but was still open. So why did I want to go?

During my college days, I was jealous of some of my peers in Colorado. It wasn't students that I envied, it was workers.

As Presidents Day approached, a wise presidential quote about the merits of laughing at oneself would have served my purpose.