Friday, March 3, proved to be a particularly blustery day in our area. True to the legend of it being the windy month, March put the “whoosh” in our world! Across the flat, broad, alluvial plain of Highcliff the winds picked up quite a clip. Though invisible itself, the effects of the turbulent winds could be seen from afar as timber, lining the banks of the Clear Fork River and the Mud Creek, rocked to the onrush of air.

When the winds, blowing level and straight, came to the foot of Pine Mountain, and ran into the abruptly upswept terrain, towering one-thousand feet over the valley floor, the fast-moving winds made the timber sing a disconcerting song on the mountain. Groans and pops could be heard above the steady howl of the winds as weaker limbs, maybe even some trees, snapped to the severe gale.