Indian Mountain State Park had their first purple martin on March 14. I noted the deeply colored, forked tail little feller’ right off while I was partaking of my lunch. Goodness! The gourds were rocking in a stiff breeze, and a cold one to boot. The thermometer in my old truck read 35 degrees. Martins have good insulating feathers like most birds. This particular scout, just having flown from one hemisphere to the other in the last few weeks, has a weakness though. Purple martins feed solely on the wing on flying insects. So, until we have some warmer days to put insects on the wing once again, he’s going to be one hungry purple martin.

Last Thursday, I ventured to the river with fishing pole in hand for the first time in 2023. I had a brand-new pole that had not ever had the feel of a fish fight tingle through its eyelets. It is a replacement for the best fishing rod I ever had, one Yvonne had gotten me for Christmas several years ago. Oh, the adventures I had with it before I snapped its spine maneuvering on an ATV. Luckily, the manufacturer has a lifetime replacement deal, free of charge from any defects, but with a pretty good deal still, even if an angler tears the device up in an idiotic fashion as I had done.

Mark J. Tidwell is librarian in Jellico.