LaFollette Middle School principal Sandi Wilson and school counselor Linda Prim spoke with the South Campbell County Rotary Club about the hygiene products the club will be donating to LaFollette Middle School and Jacksboro Middle School.

Prim gave the club an insight to the needs students at LaFollette are facing.

“We have a lot of students in need, as every school does,” Prim said. “We appreciate your support. We are blessed to have Second Harvest Food Bank and Mount Paran Baptist Church deliver food. We get two shipments from Second Harvest every year, and we are supplemented by Mount Paran. We have food to give to our students every Friday when they go home. We will have food to take care of our summer school. … We have just been blessed with such great support. I know our hygiene supplies are what is in short supply. We have students asking for that, and we are able to provide them to students in need.”

Prim also gave the rotary club an insight into some of the things happening at LaFollette Middle School.

“We have so many things going on,” Prim said. “We have the theater arts program. I met with the rising sixth-graders last week about all the activities we have. We have sports, and that’s an important thing to be involved in, but we also have theater arts and a strong after-school program. We have many things, and I feel it’s important we offer that. I know the community and you all have supported those things over the years, and we are thankful for that.”