My in-laws are in the process of building a house right now. It is being built on land that they purchased. If the Lord wills and if things go according to schedule, the house should be complete in a few months. As far as I know, the land that they are building on has never had a house built on it before. They only plan to build this one house. The reason that I am sharing this with you is to ask this simple question: When that house is complete, how many homes will my in-laws have built on that land? The answer is obviously one.

A hundred years from now, it may be the case that the land that they owned is subdivided off and many homes are built on the land. Looking at the same acreage we may then see 50 different homes instead of just one. Let me ask you this simple question: If we go forward in time and see 50 different houses on the land where my in laws built their house, how many of these houses did my inlaws build on their land? The answer is still one.

Ben Shafer preaches for the LaFollette Church of Christ. He can be emailed at