Quality Solutions Group expands, creates jobs

Apr. 29, 2013 @ 06:05 PM

Business service provider Quality Solutions Group announced Monday that it will be expanding, adding new jobs, more space and a large capital investment.

The company will expand operations with a $1.5 million investment. It will hire 25 additional workers and almost double in size, adding 34,000 square feet to the existing 38,000 square foot facility in the John L. Marshall Technology Park off Pittman Center Road.

"They have had continued success and they needed to add on to their existing facility," said David Wear, assistant director, Sevier County Economic Development Council. "It's going to allow for them to pick up more contracts for their services. They're doing it to get new business."

The group provides warehousing, quality inspection, packaging and fulfillment to the military and to the automotive and medical industries. The company also provides businesses with lean manufacturing, custom-built crates and pallets, dunnage washing and more.

Allen Newton, executive director of the Sevier County Economic Development Council, said construction of the additional space is just a few weeks away from completion. Once it's finished, the company will conduct light manufacturing in the new space.

"That space will probably be used more for like the crates and things they build," Newton said.

The company's president, Tom Burns, discussed its decision to expand in-state.

“QSG decided to expand our current building instead of going out of state because Tennessee has been very business-friendly and the workforce is excellent,” Burns said in prepared remarks. “We have been able to expand the business because of the opportunities in this growing area and with the help of the business communities around eastern Tennessee.”

Wear said the additional jobs benefit the general community by bolstering a different kind of industry than usual.

"This is a different type of job that we usually have here. The manufacturing industry here is not very large, so this gives Sevier Countians another option as far as career path and opportunities for employment," Wear said. "There's an impact there that I think is significant."

Newton said it's a good thing any time a business expands and makes additional hires.

"Those are 25 full-time jobs," he said. "That's good for our economy and our families. It's good overall. That's one of our goals, to help create as many jobs as we can for the people here in Sevier County."

Newton said the company also qualified for state funds to train the new employees.

"That will help them improve their skills and be able to take on those new jobs," he said.