Letter to the editor: Unless you are connected, jobs in county hard to find

Jun. 18, 2013 @ 08:51 PM


In the June 13, 2013 issue of your paper on Page 13 is an advertisement about "TN Named The No. 1 Retirement State." And I believe this to be very true. It has lovely scenery, friendly people, reasonable taxes, and comfortable climate — one reason I moved here and vacationed here.

However, there are also some negative factors. If you're retired and do not need any additional work beyond part-time at minimum wages, it's great. There are plenty of part-time jobs available. But if you move here without a job in place, it is not a good place as all of the jobs of position with good pay will not be for you. They will be given to friends, relatives or political persons friends/relatives as being an outsider you will be shunned.

You may say this isn't so. Well, it is. I know of at least four families that are moving out of the area because they can't beat the "Good Old Boy" pact. It's not because they aren't educated enough for the job, it's not because they don't have the experience to handle the job, it's because they are not locals.

They purchased homes here, are educating their children here, pay taxes here, but that doesn't qualify them for the better jobs.

People will get fired for not doing their job and the position will be filled with someone that is not really qualified. They'll get the job because of political influences and/or they are a relative.

Oh, the talk is great. "We really need a person of your qualifications and experience." You'll be strung along, but in the end, you will not get the job.

Case in point: A position is open, an applicant has a BS and a master's degree with years of experience, but the position is filled with a son that's just finished college and has absolutely no experience, and a relative is hired for the other opening, also without experience.

And you wonder why Tennessee ranks 46th in education. I really don't think people want to improve. They have become so use to the way things are and are done that improving for betterment isn't even in their scope.

East Tennessee is a nice place to visit, a good place to live if you're retired. But it could be so much better if you want it to be. Not using talent that comes here does not improve the community. It keeps it stagnated.

A good leader is someone that has a plan for the future and uses good managers to push it through. Good managers uses all of their resources, not just one or two. When positions open look for the best qualified people that can fill and improve that position. Not just a friend or relative.

Jackie H. Ward