Water department addresses Sevierville's discolored water

Sep. 21, 2013 @ 11:30 PM

Residents of Sevierville may have noted some discoloration in their tap water over the past few weeks.

A letter issued by the City of Sevierville Water and Sewer Department to its customers written Sept. 9 but mailed this week acknowledges the issue.

"Discolored water is an issue that water systems sometimes experience in the warmer summer moths when increases in temperature cause naturally occurring particles inside the water lines to dislodge and create the appearance of muddy water," the letter stated.

Repeated tests to the city's water have shown the water is safe to drink and meets all federal and state regulations for drinking water, the department said.

"Additionally, the City's new water treatment plant went into operation in 2010 and it appears that increased pressure, new water flow directions and a new water source are contributing to the problem," the letter revealed.

The department said they've contacted the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to inform them tof the problem and corrective actions taken, and TDEC reportedly agrees with the city's plans.

Utility director Steve Flynn was out of the office Friday and could not be reached for comment.

Workers have been systematically flushing water lines in problem areas, according to the city's release, and the department will continue conducting water tests on a regular basis to ensure water quality is maintained.

The department says it's not known how long the problem will persist.

For customers who experience discolored water, the department suggests allowing water to flow from the tap until the water clears; avoiding the washing of clothers or other items that may stain until the water is clear; and if the discoloration persists, calling the ddeparment at 453-5522 to have crews dispatched to flush lines in the local vicinity.