Brittany Tarr a force in the post for Sevier County

Dec. 05, 2013 @ 07:37 PM

 The first time Brittany Tarr drew a double team, she thought “Whoa.”

“Now that I’ve learned the moves, it’s not hard, it’s not that bad just to get around it,” Tarr said. “It’s not that hard.”

South-Doyle learned just how many moves the junior has mastered on Tuesday. Tarr scored 23 points in just three quarters — including 18 in the second and third — to lead Sevier County to a 65-48 home win. Katlyn Davis added 15 points.

Tarr has been receiving the bulk of the attention from opposing defenses and Tuesday was no different. It didn’t matter.

“We had to stop her or it was going to be a long game,” said Cherokees coach Abby Williams. “We weren’t where we were supposed to be in help-side. She got a lot of good looks. We gave up offensive boards that she got. She had a great night. We had no one to stop her.”

Tarr helped blow a four-point game wide-open by keying a 13-3 run in the second quarter. She had 10 points over that stretch. It was all Tarr again in the third, scoring 8 of the first 10 points of the second half. 

Williams called Tarr a “legitimate post player,” and she showed it, swinging in-between collapsing defenders to reach the hoop. Sometimes all Sevier County had to do was move the ball into the junior and she could toss it in the basket. When the Bearettes’ perimeter shooters missed shots, Tarr was there, too, to get the easy putback.

Teammate Olivia Maples (11 points) said Tarr is good at getting past defenders and if she sees the junior open, she tries to feed it to her inside for an “automatic two.”

“She’s played a lot down there and she’s played a lot of AAU ball,” said Sevier County coach Stacy Marine. “She’s gotten to where she can maneuver. She’s real good about moving her body and slipping to the side or slipping underneath, whatever she needs to do to get that little bit of space to get that shot off. That’s what we need her to do.”

Tarr credits her summer AAU work with preparing her for beating multiple defenders this winter. The summer is when she noticed there were ways to get to the basket even when opponents collapsed on her.

“It really does help me,” Tarr said. “Playing against bigger competition, more athletic, just all-around good players all summer, when I come in for (high school) season it’s a lot easier.”

That’s good news for Marine. The only obstacle for Tarr now is keeping her on the floor. She sat for more than three minutes in the fourth quarter on Tuesday with four fouls, but her coach said she’s adjusting to the new rules. 

“Rebounding purposes, for sure, I need to be in the game,” Tarr said. “It hurts my team when I’m not. That’s something I need to work on myself.”