Lyon wins weight-lifting competition in Gatlinburg

Sets two records in the process
Nov. 19, 2012 @ 03:05 AM


Joy Lynn Lyon, a senior at The King’s Academy, competed in the Southern Powerlifting Federation Record Breakers Meet earlier this month at the Glenstone Lodge in Gatlinburg.

Lyon won the Women’s Raw Division in the Push/Pull competition, which consists of bench press and deadlift.

“After my last meet I was so glad I competed in this meet,” Lyon said. “I bombed the (meet) in the summer.  Coach K (Dan Kirkpatrick) and I just went back to work and it paid off.  This was by far the biggest meet that I have ever competed in (there were over 80 lifters). I was so nervous but it worked out well.  My family being there really helped.”

Lyon’s bench press was 140 pounds which is a Southern Powerlifting Federation’s record in her class, and Lyon’s personal best.  She made all three of her lifts – 125 pounds, 135 and 140.

Lyon’s deadlift was 290 pounds.  Again, she made all three of her lifts – 250 pounds, 275 and 290.

Overall, she won the Push/Pull Competition with a 440-pound total, which is another SPF record for her classification.

Lyon currently holds six SPF records in two different weight classes and seven SPF state records.

“Joy really blew it away,” Kirkpatrick said. “I was feeling for her.  I wasn’t expecting that many lifters and the crowd was huge.  You sure have to be both strong mentally and physically to do what she did.  I am so proud of her. She truly is an incredible young lady.”