Seymour’s Heard will be a Buffalo

Pitcher/outfielder joining Milligan team
May. 12, 2013 @ 09:24 AM

The Milligan Buffaloes are adding a Heard to the herd.

Seymour High School senior outfielder and pitcher Corey Heard inked college papers Friday making him the second Eagle this season to commit to the Milligan College Buffaloes baseball team.

Heard, who’s been a staple for the Blue and Gold both in the outfield and on the mound, was introduced to the Milligan program by teammate Nick Walker.

“Nick pretty much introduced me to the coach, and then I went up for a visit, and they’ve like me ever since,” Heard said Friday morning.

The Buffaloes, who play in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics’ Appalachian Athletic Conference, are eyeing Heard as a possible closer, though he may also spend time patrolling the outfield up in Carter County.

“They’ve signed him as an athlete,” Seymour coach Scott Norman said. “He was MVP of the football team, he’s got an electric arm, he’s got great speed... and his best days are ahead of him.”

Norman said he only sees the righty as improving once he gets to a college program.

“He was a great football player, and he did a great job for us in baseball, but he can now focus on one sport,” Norman said.

“He can focus on the game of baseball. I think signed him as a pitcher, but he’s got potential as a position player. He was a great outfield for us, he’s got a great arm, great speed and good hands.”

Heard’s strong suit as a player — other than his gifted pitching arm — is his hitting ability, which is something Norman sees at a big benefit for the Buffaloes.

“He seems to hit the good pitching better than the lower-level stuff,” Norman said. “And in the big picture, that’s what you want. A lot of hitters out there may hit .500 off the mediocre pitching and hit .200 off the good stuff. At the next level, there’s not going to be any mediocre stuff. He’s going to be seeing all IMAC (No.) 1s (pitchers). And he seems to hit that better than the lower-level stuff.”

Heard credited his success at the high school level to the coaching he received at Seymour.

“The coaches really just put me through everything,” Heard said. “They believed in me, and through all the hard work they made me a better person.” Norman said he’ll be sad to see the young man go.

“I’ve coached him the last six years, and it’s been nothing but a pleasure,” the coach said. “I’ve watched him go from a little bity, spunky seventh grade middle school basketball player into a young man. He’s been nothing but a pleasure to coach and be around.”

Heard’s plans at Milligan also include majoring in pre-physical therapy.

After four years at the school he plans to move on to PT school at East Tennessee State for another two years.