Jul. 14, 2014 @ 05:45 PM

Editorial: Sevier County, too, needs to add manufacturing jobs

In a win for the city of Chattanooga and the entire state of Tennessee, Governor Bill Haslam and the Volkswagen Group of America officials announced a plan Monday to expand the Chattanooga manufacturing facility's role as the sole U.S. maker of Volkswagen automobiles.

Jul. 11, 2014 @ 04:31 PM

Who’s to blame for veterans’ issues?

Tens of thousands of our dollars spent for a sex change for a man spending time in prison, while our war veterans are suffering and dying in our V.A. hospitals. Now who is to blame for this scenario?

Jul. 11, 2014 @ 04:30 PM

Letter: There is wine in grocery stores, across the line in N.C.

Now that the wine in grocery stores bill is one step closer to a vote, I would like to divulge a little secret that they don’t want you to know; there is already wine in grocery stores in one of Sevier’s adjoining counties, namely Swain.

Jul. 11, 2014 @ 04:29 PM

Editorial: Three cheers

When Pigeon Forge Middle School teacher Heather Burkhart left her first career as an adventure-based counselor, she probably expected a tough transition into her new career as a public school teacher.

Jul. 10, 2014 @ 02:44 PM

Editorial: A relaxation of annexation

A new law that went into effect this month should put local fears of unemcumbered annexation to rest.

Jul. 09, 2014 @ 04:44 PM

Editorial: Police program helps educate youngest drivers on accident avoidance

As most parents with children approaching driving age and insurance companies already know, rookie drivers are often accidents waiting to happen.

Jul. 09, 2014 @ 03:42 PM

Letter: Reader says racism not the reason for president's issues

The (letter to the editor) which appeared in the July 2 edition of The Mountain Press entitled "Reader: We're living through historically poor era of government" will certainly cause people to be absolutely befuddled by the illogic of the writer.

Jul. 08, 2014 @ 04:50 PM

Letter: Veterans care crisis goes back further than current administration

I'm not a big fan of our present president. There are many people blaming him for our veterans problems. Here's the truth, like it or not.

Jul. 08, 2014 @ 04:48 PM

Ask the Doc: Is testosterone replacement safe?

Q: Doc, is testosterone safe or not? I keep hearing different stories.

Jul. 08, 2014 @ 04:15 PM

Editorial: Prostitution not always a victimless crime

Any time there's a stakeout at a brothel or a politician gets nabbed with a prostitute, there are those who rail against prosecution of such cases.

Jul. 07, 2014 @ 12:52 PM

Editorial: Shine, shine, everywhere there's shine

Just over a year ago, a distillery applicant in Pigeon Forge quipped that with the growing interest in mountain-made spirits, Sevier County could one day be "like the Napa Valley of moonshine."

Jul. 06, 2014 @ 11:04 AM

Jason Davis: Even locals can be tourists on the 4th

After seven years of living in Sevier County, I finally decided it was time to be a local tourist on the Fourth of July.

Jul. 06, 2014 @ 11:03 AM

It’s controversial, but some warn of risks to higher education

Mark Cuban made a big splash several weeks ago when he said there was a building student loan bubble that’s destined to pop.

Jul. 03, 2014 @ 12:51 PM

Editorial: Celebrating our independence

To many, the Independence Day means fireworks, parades and picnics — or maybe an extra-busy shift in a tourist town, and a wish for a picnic.

Jul. 03, 2014 @ 11:09 AM

Letter: Tennessee corruption is not humorous

I had trouble trying to follow the Michael Collins commentary June 18 on corruption. He started out thusly: “A recent collegiate study (what study?) ranked Tennessee as third on the list of most corrupt states in the union.”

Jul. 02, 2014 @ 06:01 PM

Ship has sailed on distillery opt-out

Distilleries, once unknown Sevier County, are now the hot new business.

Jul. 01, 2014 @ 05:52 PM

Michael Collins: Just something about a man and his truck

I am a man with a truck.

Jul. 01, 2014 @ 05:52 PM

Letter: We’re living through historically poor era of government

If you study U.S. history, you will find several eras of incredibly poor government, lots of crass politics, self-serving leadership, and weak moral character coupled with a fanatical drive. Unfortunately, we are living through one of these times.

Jun. 30, 2014 @ 05:30 PM

Editorial: Take precautions when shooting fireworks this week

As Independence Day and all of its celebrations approach, people are undoubtedly making the final plans for their festivities.

Jun. 30, 2014 @ 05:29 PM

Letter: Tea Party chairman praises event, outs candidates who broke the rules

On behalf of the Sevier County Tea Party (SCTP), I would like to thank everyone who attended our event, America's Last Stand. I think the purpose of the event was well received; we need to reach out to the populous at large, and encourage them to at least get involved in the voting process.

Jun. 29, 2014 @ 03:57 PM

Jason Davis: Hollywood portrayal of Sevier County due next month; it won’t be pretty

To quote one of my all-time favorite movies, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Jun. 29, 2014 @ 03:56 PM

Cell phone privacy is a critical concern in 21st century

A Wednesday Supreme Court decision may not be too popular in some law enforcement circles, but it’s definitely a big win for American citizens.

Jun. 27, 2014 @ 06:26 PM

Editorial: Three cheers

Walters State’s annual Culinary Camp — which was held this week at Rel Maples Center on the Sevier County campus — is a unique event that demonstrates perfectly how a neighborhood college should interact with its community.

Jun. 26, 2014 @ 03:54 PM

Editorial: Through compromise, Baker made things happen

Tennessee lost a true statesman Thursday, as former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker died following complications from a stroke.

Jun. 24, 2014 @ 04:49 PM

Ask the Doc: How much calcium should I take?

Doc, how much calcium should I take to protect my bones?