Letter: Look beyond the children for real pro-liquor motives

Mar. 11, 2013 @ 11:37 PM


I love Tennessee, and I love Pigeon Forge. Tennessee is known for many things, but above all, Tennessee is known worldwide for Jack Daniel’s whiskey, made in a dry county, which does not seem to bother anyone. Pigeon Forge is known too, above all, for Dollywood. The commonality to both is being built in a dry local place and keeping it that way. If this philosophy is good for Lynchburg, Tenn., why not Pigeon Forge, Tenn.?

Well, how about greed, or power, or money, or politics — pick one (or more). Pigeon Forge has had a proud legacy of operating itself as a debt-free city. No more. Why?

This whole uproar is being guilt-sold as “For the children” (schools, in our case). Is it just me, that whenever government needs more tax revenue, a “human shield” of children is paraded before the press?

For those who care, look behind the children. This campaign will be a game changer for Pigeon Forge. It is being heavily funded by certain businessmen who will profit handsomely. Their present property holdings (and those in the future) will reward them well. Serious money is at play here, folks.

I personally would rather Pigeon Forge remain the safe sanctuary for our guests to enjoy, as their past generations always have. Should this liquor vote pass, I fear the day I read in these pages, of the drunk driver causing death of a child on our streets of Pigeon Forge.

Eugene L. Dubay

Pigeon Forge