Letter to the editor: If liquor sales are approved, what will be legalized next?

Mar. 09, 2013 @ 11:14 PM


Shame, shame, shame on you folks who are pushing for alcohol by the drink in the city of Pigeon Forge. Can you honestly believe that God will ever bless America again when we have legalized abortion, same sex marriage, legalized smoking pot, and now wanting to induce our young people to drink, get drunk, and become upstanding citizens?

First of all, let me clarify my stand because I am a born-again Christian, so my belief in Christ dictates that I abstain from all appearances of evil, and that includes drinking alcohol. Yes, I know Sevierville and Gatlinburg have approved drinking, but does that mean Pigeon Forge has to follow suit? Tourists have been coming here for many, many years and we did not allow drinking in public businesses then. Do we have to now?

And to say it will benefit the children and the schools is one of the most lame excuses I have ever heard. You people who are in favor should be encouraging your children to stay away from strong drink, go to church and Sunday school, lead clean, pure upstanding lives that they can be proud of. You have no morals and we can see what is happening in America because we have turned our backs on the Living God.

Whether you are an atheist, agnostic or whatever, the choice is yours. But what are we going to legalize next? We have just about hit rock bottom and before long, we will be wondering what has happened to America. Pigeon Forge could be a shining example of living good clean lives and making it the tourist town it used to be. That is why we came here for many years and brought our children to explore the beauty of the mountains, and enjoy good clean entertainment.

I commend Jeff Davis for taking a stand for what is right and I am sure God will bless him no matter what he does. He cares for his city and that is the only reason for his decision. He could probably make more money if he supported liquor by the drink, but he made a decision to not do so. Thank you, Mr. Davis.

I know I am probably in the minority regarding this issue, but I can sleep good tonight knowing I took a stand to oppose this issue. I can’t vote, but I do all of my business in Pigeon Forge and I resent the fact that I won’t be able to eat out without the nauseating smell of alcohol being consumed at the tables around me. T ourists will still come if it is approved or not, but this area will never be the same again. God help us all. Let the good times roll. Not!

Jennie Draper